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Spirits in Miami Dade County

Based in Miami, Spirits4less offers uniquely flavored spirits.

Visit us and choose from drinks that have a symphony of rich taste and aroma!

Spirit or Liquor?

Although the terms “spirit” and “liquor” are the same, spirit doesn’t necessarily refer to every bottle in a liquor store. While wine and beer are not classified as such, the beverages that do form part of the intoxicating spirits family are never sweetened, such as gin and brandy.

Essentially, “spirits” have no other ingredients, such as spices and herbs, folded in during preparation. Confused? Get in touch with the team at Spirits4less, we will help you!

We offer intoxicating alcoholic beverages

Spirits East Little Havana

Drink It Neat?

Depending on your palate, not all spirits will taste good neat. Since “neat” means that nothing has been done to alter the alcohol, it is fundamentally alcohol at room temperature.

Whether it’s aged spirits or clear liquors, at Spirits4less, we offer spirits that are sure to tickle your taste buds and give you the buzz you want, such as:

Spirits that are sure to tickle your taste bud

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